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Updated 5 December 2021

(Links to websites updated, information regarding the Awhina App included)

Currently Auckland is at red in the Covid traffic light setting

School Based Health Clinics at red in the traffic light system.

We are aware that there continues to be limited numbers of students attending school currently and each school will operating in a slightly different way.

We would recommend downloading the Āwhina app onto your phone, which has all the latest Covid information from the MOH for health professionals.

We would recommend the following:

  • No staff or students should be at school if unwell 

  • We would recommend screening all students prior to entry to the health clinic and where possible have teachers contact the nurses when they are sending a student to the clinic.

  • If a staff member who is overseeing  students is concerned about a student’s health, the staff member should phone the nurse for guidance before sending the student to the Health Clinic.

  • All students/staff who arrive with or develop respiratory symptoms should be sent home and be referred to a Covid19 testing centre.

  • An isolation room should be provided for students/staff unwell with respiratory symptoms. This room should be as close to the health centre and nurses as practicable. An isolation room should only contain one student/ person in the area at a time. This area should be devoid of beds, bedding, soft chairs, couches etc. Ideally one hard, easy-to-clean chair for the student to sit while awaiting pick up.  The area should be cleaned after every use and ventilated.

  • If there is an emergency the nurse should take full PPE (gown, gloves, goggles, and mask) in the emergency bag to the call out.  If the student/staff member has collapsed and you cannot screen for covd, full PPE should be worn whilel attending to the student/staff member.

  • Keep the clinic areas as well ventilated as possible.

  • All staff and students should wear masks.

  • Red tape or similar should be used to indicate where students/staff should STOP and wait when entering the clinic area – this will allow the nurse to recheck for any  respiratory symptoms before entering the clinic.

  • No throat swabbing or examining of throats should be undertaken in the Health Clinic – all students/staff who present with sore throats should be referred for Covid19 swabbing.  Students fitting the at-risk category for Rheumatic Fever as per the Heart Foundation Sore Throat Management Algorithm (link below) should be referred to their GP  for empirical antibiotic treatment and a Covid19 swab.


  • Consider being available for phone consultations for students who are still at home.  A phone number/email could be advertised through the school website etc.  This would mostly be providing advice and referrals.  



For further information and advice please follow the links below:


Unite against Covid 19

Ministry of Health

PPE recommendations

Ministry of Education

Auckland Regional Public Health

Asthma NZ information for schools relating to Covid

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