and maintaining a School Based Health Clinic

Background information

Guides and information to help with the setting up of School Based Health Services

Day to Day Management of a School Based Health Clinic

Patient Management Systems.

  • There are a variety of different options available to nurses working in schools:

  •  ADHB and Waitemata schools use Medtech 32

  • Counties Manukau Health funded schools use Pupilweb, this is a web based database which has been specifically developed for school nursing.  It is available at a cost to other school based health clinics. 

  • For more information click here

  • Some schools use the school managements systems such as KAMAR to document clinical notes - this can be done confidentiality through a pass word protected system.


Documentation, communication and Assessment Tools


      Medical enrolment form



  • As a Registered Nurse working in a secondary school you can register to be an ACC provider.

  • Register to become an ACC provider

  • A generic form to notify parents/caregivers that an ACC claim has been made (Bennetts P, 2005) Click here

  • A letter outline to be adapted by the Registered Nurse when registering as an ACC provider to encourage schools that the funds generated from ACC are allocated to the SBHC budget for use as required by SHBC staff (Bennetts P, 2005) Click here

Consent and Confidentiality

  • Fraser Guidelines / Gillick Competency Checklist -  A guideline for practitioners to use in determining and recording whether a young person is mature enough to participate in and make decisions about their care - here

  • Confidentiality guideline - here

  • Informed Consent - here

  • Disclosure of Information guideline - here

  • Privacy Commissioner NZ


Infection Control




First Aid and Clinic supplies

These are a few examples of companies that schools have used to purchase equipment and supplies




Auckland Regional Health Pathways

HealthPathways is web-based information portal supporting primary care clinicians to plan patient care through primary, community and secondary health care systems within Auckland Region. To access the site a request needs to be sent via the sign in page here



Brain Injury/concussion

Critical and traumatic Incidents



Drug and Alcohol





Mental Health/Well-being

Child and Adolescent Mental Health services






Other sources for mental health information and support



Rainbow Youth

Respiratory services


Sexual Health



Sexual/Physical Abuse and family violence

Traumatic Incidents