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"Supervision is a place to stop and step back from your work – to be heard, nourished and challenged about your practice. 


It is a safe place to bring your work – to unpack difficult situations and what has not gone well, and to celebrate your successes.  It is place for reflection, learning and growth.  Supervision helps to maintain professional, safe and ethical practice."





Supervision can take a variety of forms

  • One on one supervision with a qualified supervisor

  • Group supervision with a qualified supervisor acting as a facilitator

  • Group peer supervision – a group of peers taking turns to facilitate the process. This works best when everyone in the group has undertaken a supervision workshop, has the same understanding of supervision and uses a set process for supervision.



Each of these different styles of supervision is based on a supervision contract which is negotiated at the beginning of the relationship/group.

The ASNG encourages the cluster groups to use their cluster groups to participate in group/peer supervision


Supervision Resources for Clusters 

Members can attend an ASNG supervision workshop.  The workshop introduces nurses to supervision and how to participate in group/peer supervision.  These workshops are usually run once a year. If you are interested in this. please fill in the expression of interest form below. We need a minimum of 10 people to run a workshop.

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