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Executive Committee Profiles

Anita wicks

Anita Wicks


BHSc (Midwifery)

PG Cert HSc (Youth Health)



I’ve been a registered nurse for over 35 years including an exciting period as an independent midwife. After having a family, I moved to school nursing at Kingsway School, I have been in this role for over ten years and am currently the lead nurse of a team of five. I have developed a real passion and love for young people and gain great satisfaction in supporting them on a daily basis with their health challenges.


I feel honoured to currently carry the portfolio of president for the ASNG and believe the support and assistance the organisation brings to Auckland school nurses is a valuable resource.

Karyn Wilson

RN, PG Cert Youth Health
Executive Committee Secretary
I have been with Botany Downs Secondary College for seven years, and previous to that was with Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate for 2 ½ years, initially as a new graduate RN.   
I love the challenge of working with young people, supporting them to realise the importance of good health and health management and how this can positively influence all aspects of their lives.   I enjoy advocating and supporting young people in a school environment, as this can be very challenging for them.
It is great being part of the ASNG Exec Committee as all schools and clinic environments are different.  The ASNG is a valuable resource and support network for school nurses, providing updates, networking and relevant PD which is invaluable to our roles.


Ann Riley


Representing Central Cluster

I am a Registered Comprehensive Nurse with 20 yrs experience. I have over 10 years of experience working in schools. I am currently employed at St Marys College and exec.rep. for central cluster. I feel the role of the school nurse youth health worker involves supporting and  developing students ownership of heath needs and enabling  students to understand processes of care ,how ,when and where to get help. This then empowers the student creating confidence which will help them when leaving school 

Laura Williams

Registered Nurse
Bachelor of Nursing and a PGDip in Health Sciences-Youth Health


I have been in the youth health field for the last 5 years and am currently employed at Rosehill College. I’ve always been passionate about working in the same community I live in-so jumped at the chance to work at a school 8 minutes from my home where I live with my husband and 11 month old son.
I am passionate about our young people reaching their full potential and believe wholeheartedly that health and education go hand in hand and it’s a pleasure to work alongside our young people as they journey through high school-equipping them for a bright and exciting future.

Vicki Raynor

RN, PGCert (youth health)

Representing Haruaki cluster


Youth health is a specialty of nursing that I am passionate about. Of my 28ish years nursing, 12 years were at Starship hospital, Then, my first school nurse position was at Selwyn College for 10 yrs. Currently, I am 1 of 3 nurses at Otahuhu College, a decile 1 funded school.  


It is a rewarding privilege engaging with young people, to promote wellbeing, strengthen Hauora and improve youth outcomes via continuity of youth focussed care during their schooling years. 

Rose Cairns-Morrison

RN, PG Cert (Child Health)
Representing Western Cluster

I’m a registered nurse working at St Dominic's Catholic College, which is a funded school in Henderson. Prior to starting in this role 3 years ago St Dominics didn’t have a school nurse so I have enjoyed the process of introducing the service to the school community.
I have a background in paediatrics, working at Starship in the Orthopedic department as well as Children’s Public Health Nursing in Waitakere. I have recently returned from maternity leave and am excited to be representing the Western cluster on the ASNG exec team.
I feel really passionate about offering young people supportive and non-judgemental health care as I feel this sets them up well for future relationships with healthcare workers.

Jennifer Edwards

RN, PG Cert (Child Health)

Representing Eastern Cluster

I am enjoying the challenge of working with youth in school nursing at Macleans College.   I appreciate the collaboration with counsellors, teachers, and nurses to support young people to improve their wellbeing and seeing them grow to manage their own health.  I have a background in Urgent Care – Accident/Medical and paediatrics. ASNG has been a vital source of support, networking, and education in my journey as a School Nurse.

Jackie Venter

PG Cert HSC (Youth Health)

Representing Manukau cluster

I am the Registered Nurse Co-ordinator at Papatoetoe High School. I have been involved in school nursing for over 10 years and have been working at this school for over 7 years. I love working with young people and believe in empowering young people to learn to develop their own skills to manage their health.  To learn how to access health services and to be able to voice their opinions and needs in this important part of their lives. ASNG provides great support and professional development to support us in our roles as school nurse

Tracey Stanners

BHSc Nursing, PG Cert Youth Health

Representing Southern Cluster


Tena Kourou katoa

ko Mauka Tere Te maunga

ko Waimakariri Te Awa

ko Takitimu Te Waka

ko Tuahiwi te Marae

ko Mahunui te Whare

ko Kai Tuahuriri Te Hapu

ko KaiTahu Te Iwi

ko Tracey ahau


I am a Registered nurse with over 20 years experience. I initially started working in orthopedics, rehabilitation and Bureau working in different areas of care.  I have worked in youth health for 17 years as the nurse coordinator at Manurewa High School. I am very passionate about my role when working with young people and feel privileged being able to support and advocate for youth and their whaanau through their journey managing their own health. School nursing is very rewarding and challenging. Youth are amazing and resilient young people that have taught me so much and have made me the nurse I am today.

Alexis Purvis

BHSc ( nursing), PG dip HSc ( leadership), MH and addictions credentialled.

Representing Northern Cluster

I am privileged to work at Whangaparāoa college, where I have been the school nurse for the last 4 years. For the past year I have identified significant issues that affect health, learning and attendance for some of our Rangitahi. I have taken my concerns to management, and this year I am excited to be welcoming a second registered  nurse who will work alongside me to strengthen our ability to do thorough and meaningful assessments to help our learners to thrive in the school environment and improve health literacy. I consider myself a strong advocate for learners and embrace the whare tapu wha model of care. I also advocate for my nursing cluster colleagues, encouraging them to speak up and show their schools the significant value that nurses add in the education environment.
In 2020 I completed the mental health and addiction credentialing program and commenced regular clinical supervision, both of which have strengthened my nursing practice.
My nursing background is emergency nursing at Auckland hospital.
I am a busy mum to 5 gorgeous sons and my time is spent supporting and taxi-ing them to a myriad of sports.
I trained as a childbirth educator and have a passion for health education, hence working in a school is a great fit for me.


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